Meet the MedShadow Team

Suzanne B. Robotti, Su Robotti head shot outdoors

Suzanne Robotti

Founder and President
I started MedShadow Foundation in  2013 because I was harmed by a medicine called DES (diethylstilbestrol) that was given to my mother when she was pregnant with me. When I was 13, I learned that I would not ever be able to get pregnant because of the side effects of More Info
Angela Smith

Angela Smith

Administration Manager
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in 2015, and I know what it’s like to experience negative side effects from medication — it’s scary, confusing, and sometimes feels hopeless. I did everything I was supposed to; I took my medicine as indicated and went in for my monthly blood More Info
Kimberly Bliss

Kimberly Bliss

Development Associate
As someone who is adopted and growing into her mid-century modern self, I have had questions about my family medical history remain unanswered.  This gap in information not only got me in the habit asking what happens when I take this drug, what are the side effects of treatment, what are the benefits More Info
Denavi Patel

Denavi Patil

Marketing and Communications Manager
Health education and transparency has been a defining factor for most of my life. As a 18-year old just starting college, I was diagnosed with PCOS and immediately put on hormonal birth control. I didn’t have the proper resources at the time, and I had no idea the various kinds More Info

Katherine Acerra

MedShadow’s mission is meaningful to me because I know what it is like both to be ill and a caregiver struggling with side effects. When I was 19, my dad was diagnosed with ALS and given 5 years to live. On an odyssey through the obstacles of our health system, More Info

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