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The Long-Term Effects of Cancer Treatment

The immediate side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy that treat cancer are well known to those directly affected by them. The reactions can include debilitating nausea, fatigue and...

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Tracker

We've created the MedShadow Vaccine Tracker, the only tracker focused on side effects and adverse events of COVID-19 Vaccines in progress.

Arm Pain After COVID-19 Vaccine Is Common

March 4 update: Allergy researchers at Mass General Hospital created a registry for healthcare professionals to report  immediate and delayed reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations. On March 3, the researchers...

Bipolar Disorder: Fast Facts

What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, is a mental disorder characterized by drastic and intense shifts in energy, mood and activity level. Individuals can be...

What If My Drug Is Recalled?

Food and drug recalls are far more common than you might think. The big ones — those most likely to be dangerous or affect large groups of people —...

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